What is a PPEC?

PPEC stands for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care. These services provide a less restrictive, cost-effective alternative to expensive hospitalization or home health care. It reduces the isolation of home-bound programs, helping each child to achieve the highest quality of life possible.

What qualifies a child for the PPEC program?

To qualify for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care your child must be considered medically fragile and require nursing intervention. Ages newborn to 21 are eligible

Children who need nursing care every day and are unable to have their needs met by a typical school or day care and/or do not need to be in a hospital.

Children who have been hospitalized or frequent emergency room visits for an ongoing or unresolved condition such as asthma or seizures.

Services at Caring Hearts special care are provided Monday through Friday from 7AM to 7PM and Saturdays from 7Am to 3PM

Who pays for these services?

PPEC Services are covered by Medicaid once recommended by the child’s pediatrician through a prescription or letter of medical necessity. We also accept insurance and private pay. Please contact us and we will help you all the way in the process
What services do we offer?

Our services include Pediatric Nursing Care, Free Transportation, Nutritional Food Program, Physical, Behavioral Occupational and Speech Therapy, Rehabilitation therapy Special Education, (provided by Miami Dade County Public Schools), After School Program, Extracurricular Activities, and Social Services.

Is this a day care center?

Our center is actually a nursing center – but often, parents and visitors get the impression of a day care. Infants and children in the program must have some form of nursing intervention. Staff caring for patients in the center are registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, aides and therapists with very specific pediatric experience

Why is this good for my child?

PPEC offers so many advantages for a child with special health needs, but among the key benefits are:

  • PPEC centers are a more reliable health care option than home care services
  • PPEC centers offer socialization for the child, reducing the isolation of home care services
  • PPEC provides a central location for therapy services, promoting better coordination of care between nursing and therapy

Is my child at risk for getting sick in this environment?

No, they are not. Precautions and infection control procedures are based on protecting every patient in the center, as each is considered medically fragile.
Foremost, patients who are sick or have symptoms of an infectious condition may not attend the center. Daily assessments for each patient and monitoring throughout the day maintain the overall health of our patient population.